"Oops, Flash is blocked"

"Oops, Flash is blocked"

Many browsers are steadily moving towards new technology trends which may result in players having to jump extra hurdles to access and play at GamePoint.

As many of you may know, GamePoint games run on Adobe Flash, and thus to play, you need to enable or give permission to your browsers to run Adobe Flash. However, Chrome's latest browser version (Chrome 69) for example, released during this first week of September, will now require you to re-give this permission every time you open the browser.

>>> If you have any questions, click on the 'Contact us' link that you see in the main pop-up and our Support team is happy to help. <<<

When you play via Chrome 69, you'll see the below screen. Follow the instructions to Activate Flash and you'll be up and playing in no time.

1. Click on the big 'Activate Flash' button
2. You'll see a new box appear in the corner of your screen. Click on 'Allow'
3. Start playing! Or if you have any question, click on the 'Contact us' from that screen.

In order to avoid these hurdles though, GamePoint has been working to look for technology alternatives, such as HTML5 and WebGL and have been actively testing GamePoint Bingo, RoyalDice, CardParty and Klaverjassen with players. Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far and we'll announce when we have any other test opportunities coming up as well.

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Shel10 - 5 September, 2018 2:42 PM
Thank you for explaining :)
TOP_DOLLAR - 5 September, 2018 6:34 PM
hope it won't be complitated
AidaGP -
Basically, if you're a Chrome user,

Step 1: Click the big green button

Step 2: Click 'Allow'

Optional Step 3: Shake fist at Chrome

Easy peasy
outlaws51 -
love playing the game on here
Eartha -
ugh why cant they leave well enough alone
AidaGP -
We can appreciate that there's new and better technology out there. There's always some growing pains though. Eventually, all our games will move away from Flash (that's always been the plan) so hopefully this won't be an issue for much longer
kgrace1 -
ty for update.
DonniesGirl - 7 September, 2018 3:12 AM
A new excuse for when 'our' connection goes POOF?
AidaGP -
This has nothing to do with connection.
AuroraBorealis -
If you go to chrome and type in chrome://flags it will take you to experimental options. In the box that says search flags, search for Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions. Set this to disabled then restart the browser. You'll no longer need to activate flash each time :)
AuroraBorealis -
If you play the game via the website rather than facebook, you will need to follow the same as i said above then also select allow flash using the padlock at the top, then reload the page. This will only need to be done once :)
AidaGP -
Hey Aurora, this indeed does work and it's what we use in the office. The work-around you're describing is indeed for advanced users, because clicking anywhere else on that menu without familiarity could cause issues. You're an exception to the rule though
brickhouse74 -
brickhouse74 -
thank you for explaining this cause i was trying to figure it out
JammaLamma -
I sure do hope that this helps with all of the connection losses.
DianaA893 - 8 September, 2018 5:45 PM
Can't wait for the new format to go into effect. I have played to trial version and the colors are so much more vibrant and the size of the cards and daubers are bigger. Now playing the old format seems drab.
AidaGP -
Glad you're a fan, especially since we kept adjusting it thanks to everyone's feedback.

That version is still a work in progress and we're also working on bringing it to our other games. The internet is moving away from Adobe Flash within a year'ish, so we're working to stay ahead of the curve.
knitwit15 - 9 September, 2018 7:04 PM
i am on a chromebook and that dont pop up
AidaGP -
This change is specifically for people using the latest version of the Chrome browser. It looks like yours hasn't updated to version 69
CeliaW100 -
i can't get to any games what do id od?
CeliaW100 -
where is the big green button i am a chrome user