A cheesy Golden Ball!

A cheesy Golden Ball!
Dag iedereen! (that's how you say 'Hi everyone' in Dutch) Amsterdam and the Netherlands are also well known for delicious Dutch cheese, often seen in heavy cheese wheels. So that's why you might see a special Golden Cheese Wheel Ball roll by in special rooms on November 6-11. The best part is that all participants those special rooms will win a free Bingo Card!

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SandyHiggins - 7 November, 2019 1:28 PM
What rooms are they in
AidaGP -
Hi Sandy, you may see a pop-up on your screen that brings you to one of the special rooms! Otherwise, when you check the room list, they're the ones with 'Cheese' in the title!
derbygal -
could someone sort the eraser in word tornado even though paid and tried to use it to win the game it just kept popping back and not functioning ,so frustrating. thanks
CyndiG13 -
bonne chance a tous